Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teeth-Ninjas / Nife


Another T-shirt design for Design By Humans. This one is very wacky. I had the idea to make a "Teeth-Shirt" for a very long time, and after drawing the initial teeth, I decided the drawing needed some ninjas. Voting for the shirt is going on now, right here.

Nife 2 2 2 2

One of the first drawings for Sharknife. I guess Ceasar originally had black hair! And Chieko was blonde? Something.


NinJA said...

seems like the teeth-ninja're like micro oompa loompas that keep the world and the functions therein still in check.

first time i saw this, it reminded me of a shirt Chamba had on his redbubble page -

i'm thinkin' about getting a redbubble account, just for personal cool-shirt-having purposes. that - or be a little more proactive and bust out the airbrush.

Patrick k. said...

your old drawings remind of of highschool.

Violet said...

why is it that only NOW....after years of sharknife running through my viens ...why am I only NOW seeing thaat the symbol on SK'z forehead is a fricken fortune cookie!?

also, they say that in traditional manga, that white hair really means black hair, and it is done onlt to tell the dif between characters...

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