Thursday, March 13, 2008

Video Game Projects

Someone asked me what work I have done for Sega and Konami in the past. So here today on NINJA RAGE is some rey-tro concept art for video game companies:

1. Jet Grind Radio (2006, Kuju/Sega, proposed game for the Wii)

I even got to make up my own rival gang:

2. Castlevania (2006, P51/Konami, cartoon pitch)

Castlevania was actually for a proposed cartoon show, again thru a 3rd party developer. I got to meet the Castlevania creator at SDCC 06. It was sweet.

Unfortunately, the JGR pitch didn't take. I'm unsure of the Castlevania show's development, but I think it's still out there. Unsure if they're still using my designs or not, but I really enjoy my designs on both sets.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Teeth-Ninjas / Nife


Another T-shirt design for Design By Humans. This one is very wacky. I had the idea to make a "Teeth-Shirt" for a very long time, and after drawing the initial teeth, I decided the drawing needed some ninjas. Voting for the shirt is going on now, right here.

Nife 2 2 2 2

One of the first drawings for Sharknife. I guess Ceasar originally had black hair! And Chieko was blonde? Something.

Thursday, March 6, 2008


In these troubled times, it's getting harder and harder to locate quality Corey Lewis the Rey artwork. This art-blog, Ninja Rage, was created to answer that very need.

I will be posting NEW ART with commentary on this blog, as well as retro Rey-art (or "Reytro" art) to pay respects to the annals of history.

JENREY (3/6/08)

I just drew this like ten minutes ago. It's a self-portrait, with a former girlfriend whom I still cherish... Her style is amazing, and inspired much of the look of this drawing. I love this style. I just thought to myself, "If I could draw a comic of characters just floating with bursting energy as the background, I would.", and maybe I will.

REYTRO: Hugz (9/03)

This was drawn while at work as a busboy at an italian restaurant called "Spiro's" (much of the inspiration for the Guangdong Factory emerged from here). Drawn over a picture on a piece of newspaper, this is one of the first drawings of Aves Ives, zombie rocker and kickball warrior.