Thursday, March 6, 2008


In these troubled times, it's getting harder and harder to locate quality Corey Lewis the Rey artwork. This art-blog, Ninja Rage, was created to answer that very need.

I will be posting NEW ART with commentary on this blog, as well as retro Rey-art (or "Reytro" art) to pay respects to the annals of history.

JENREY (3/6/08)

I just drew this like ten minutes ago. It's a self-portrait, with a former girlfriend whom I still cherish... Her style is amazing, and inspired much of the look of this drawing. I love this style. I just thought to myself, "If I could draw a comic of characters just floating with bursting energy as the background, I would.", and maybe I will.

REYTRO: Hugz (9/03)

This was drawn while at work as a busboy at an italian restaurant called "Spiro's" (much of the inspiration for the Guangdong Factory emerged from here). Drawn over a picture on a piece of newspaper, this is one of the first drawings of Aves Ives, zombie rocker and kickball warrior.


andy ristaino said...

hey corey great stuff. i met you at the wondercon, had you draw some post its.

you can see them here...

thanks for drawing them!


Claire said...


Jeremy said...

This blog will be sweet. But Spiro's? Dude,Which one? I used to work for the original Spiro at Olympia Pizza on Queen Anne Hill. Now I eat at the Spiro's at 185th and chat with Evan. Spiro's is awesome.

RSantosJr said...

I like how her helmet catches everything it touches and shoots them off into space to be transformed into stars... while your helmet devours everything it sees until there's nothing left but emptiness and angry spirits.

NinJA said...

hey rey.

it just so happens i barely made a blog end of february...

wanna be blog buddies? i know thats got a vulgar ring about it, but i swear it's a good thing. heh.

been a fan since... 2000AD.
ran into your ninjarage somehow back then... off of L0cke's site (i don't personally know the guy) during newspaper class.

ANYways, i'm on your side bro. seems like you're headed in a good direction - if any ninjastorm tries to throw you're character off course, i'd definately let you steal one of my guys just so you could keep on goin' ! not that you'd need to, if it got that bad.. but you get my sentiment.

Andre Szymanowicz said...

Welcome to the world of blogger!

marco said...

Really fantastic art !
Happy to see you on blogspot ! :)

Chrissy Delk said...

Fantastic, can't wait to see more art.

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